Industrial automation solutions and innovations.

Simplification and Streamlining

Our mission is to analyze your critical business processes - simplify them for better collaboration, engineer automated solutions for increased efficiency and incorporate the highest safety standards for redundancy, reduction of equipment failure and elimination of costly incidents.

Custom Engineered Solutions...

...for a myriad of industries with exemplary service!

We specialize in the most cutting edge solutions in industrial automation and custom tailor our solutions for many different industries including but not limited to feed manufacturing, oil and gas processes, tubulars manufacturing, electric power generation, mining, wastewater and pharmaceuticals. We employ a variety of industry leading programmable controllers and SCADA platforms to deliver the most reliable and accurate results possible.

Our engineering team is constantly developing specialized controls in niche industries which have a high demand for a newer more innovative control systems than are presently available from the competition. The flagship Mr. Feed Mill 2015 control system provides a long awaited user-friendly and robust solution for the feed manufacturing industry. Future niche controls in development include chemical processing and tank monitoring solutions.

Our service team provides answers and support which is unparalleled. In a world where engineering support is vital, we deliver the support which is necessary to keep your operation productive. We employ proven and secure remote support tools which allow our team to tackle problems in seconds not days. Our commissioning and on-site service is meticulous and thorough, we provide trained engineers on site, not technicians, to solve problems quickly and address issues directly.